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Getting into Dream Colleges


Congratulations to the High School Graduating Class of 2024!!!
Victoria (Princeton) -  Sophie (MIT, Cornell) - Grant (Duke)

The College Counseling Service You Can Depend On

4D Learning Coach has an excellent track record. Over the years, many students coached by the 4D Learning Coach Services have been admitted into the Ivies and many other top tier colleges. Please see the list of students who have matriculated into the Ivy+ schools during the last a few years below.

Please note that we are reporting here the number of students who have matriculated. In fact, the actual number of students have been accepted by top tier colleges are much higher, because our students are often accepted into multiple top tier colleges at the same time, while each student can only commit one college. Hence, we only report one college per student to make it simple and straightforward. If we were to report all of the colleges that have accepted our students, the list will be much, much longer.

Overall, all students graduated from high school who have been advised or coached by the 4D Learning Coach Services have been accepted into the colleges of their choices.

SINCE 2016

Brown University 11 students (2 PLME - 5 PLME since 2008)
Columbia University 2 student
Cornell University 5 students
Dartmouth College 6 students
Harvard University 6 students
MIT 3 students
Princeton University 2 students
Stanford University 2 students
University of Pennsylvania 9 students (2 Wharton)
Yale University 2 student

(Note: There are 10 schools in the Ivy+ (Ivy Plus) Association, which is made of the original 8 Ivy League schools plus Stanford and MIT).


Our Students' Success is Our Success




Dr. Yu guided me through this process since sophomore year. I knew what I wanted but was confused how to get there, and he gave me a lot of advice and direction. He suggested programs for me that fit me and supported my interests, and worked with me to communicate my story and my passions in my college application. As the older child, my parents were not experienced with college applications, so Dr. Yu's advice was invaluable in my acceptance to the schools I loved. I am so happy to be attending Cornell and I am grateful to 4D for helping me get here.


Sophie, Cornell, High School Graduation Class of 2024


Dr. Yu will help you to feel prepared and confident through the college admissions process, which can be confusing without the help of someone experienced. Dr. Yu sat down with me and created a plan very early on that would help me attain my educational goals. Under his guidance, I was able to start my essays well in advance to deadlines and efficiently apply to many schools while maintaining the high quality of each application. Dr. Yu helped me to create an application that reflected my strengths and emphasized my potential. Because of his experience in college admissions, he was well aware of what colleges were looking for and knew how to portray these traits in an application that still remained authentic to me.


Grace, UPenn, High School Graduation Class of 2023


Dr. Yu's expert advice and eagerness to help you succeed is obvious from the start. One of the first questions he asked me was what I truly wanted to do, instead of what I felt like I had to do; I was able to reevaluate what my priorities were, and adjust my plans accordingly. Throughout the journey, he helped me in the process of sorting through my colleges as well; he helped me build a portfolio strong enough for my dream college, MIT. I would often get caught up in the conflicting reports of what colleges wanted to see, to the point where I didn't know what to write or even how to get started. His advice ultimately let me express myself on my applications and convey who I am as a person as accurately as possible.


Justin, MIT, High School Graduation Class of 2022


Words cannot express how grateful I am for Dr. Yu and 4D Learning’s services. Entering the college admissions process, I had aspirations of attending top colleges, but was lost when it came to the intricacies of crafting a competitive application, what to write my essays about, how to tell my story in a powerful and interesting manner. Whether you work with Dr. Yu at the beginning of your high school career or at the start of senior year in my case, Dr. Yu works closely with you to guide your thoughts on essays, refine your activities, and hone your rhetorical abilities through mock college interviews. At the time I was applying, I was incredibly busy with a part-time job, leadership positions in multiple extracurriculars, and multiple AP classes, and Dr. Yu worked closely with me to ensure everything would still be on schedule. Because of Dr. Yu's help, I will be attending Harvard University this Fall, and have been admitted to other top schools such as Yale and Stanford as well.


Conner, Harvard, High School Graduation Class of 2021


Dr.Yu from 4D has helped me a lot through the application process. Columbia University has always been my dream school. I am admitted by its Mathematics of Finance (MAFN)) program, which is very competitive and requires the whole package. Dr.Yu is very considerate and helps me with the entire portfolio.

Dr.Yu sets very specific goals and is always strict on details in order to make everything more clarified and convincing. For instance,regarding my resume,Dr.Yu revises not only the content but also the formats and these details indeed enhance my consistency. He replies very fast and always answers all my questions - that is why Dr. Yu is undoubtedly professional. In revising personal essays,Dr. Yu would polish it while keeping your personality so that the portfolio is fully personalized. With his guidance and comments,my essays become well-organized and clear and are in the end successful.


Elise, Columbia University Graduate School, College Graduation Class of 2020


At the beginning of my high school career, I was definitely frazzled and lost when it came to applying to top colleges, and Columbia University was my dream for as long as I could remember. I was overwhelmed by the application process, but Dr. Yu from 4D really helped me hone in on exactly what steps I needed to take to get there, and more importantly, how to approach those steps. As a high school senior struggling to find balance and a clear route to pursue, having Dr. Yu help me every step of the way truly taught me what to focus on and to change my mindset. He has helped, guided, advised, and encouraged me, and he truly does care about your success.

4D's service is built to personalize your college application portfolio, so you can focus on all elements of your application and figure out what route works best for you. I started working with Dr. Yu early on in high school, and he has guided me through and through, from start to finish, throughout my high school career, and later during the college application season. Early on, he has helped me decide on what classes to take throughout high school, develop study habits, and prioritize time management. He really takes the time to understand your background, goals, and strengths, and will give you direct advice on how to move forward and achieve these goals promptly and successfully. 4D’s services are personalized for you to help you maximize your chances at your dream schools, and will provide you with all the resources, knowledge, insight, and support you need.

Throughout college app season, I probably wrote over a dozen essay drafts for my Common Application, and I sent each of them to Dr. Yu to proofread. He would send each back within a few hours with advice, comments, and suggestions. He gave me the criticism I needed and led me to my final successful essay. Additionally, he coached me through my interview processes, as he conducts model interviews and instructs you on how to interact with various types of questions; I was able to arrive at my alumni interviews prepared, confident, and well-versed. Additionally, Dr. Yu also provided immense help with the development of my raw materials, and taught me how to emphasize on my strengths in my application. Because of his experience and advice, I was able to change my perspective on how I viewed myself and my application, and I think that allowed me to stay true to myself and show what I do best. I don’t think I can thank Dr. Yu enough for the personalized assistance he’s helped me through this process. I was able to organize my ideas, strengthen my accomplishments, and present a well-thought out statement of who I am, and why I could succeed at the colleges I applied. With Dr. Yu’s experience and knowledge in the college application field, I assure you that you won’t go wrong with his help. He will lead you to success as long as you are open to it! He is immensely dedicated to supporting you and seeing you succeed. His honesty and dedication is hard to find, and I highly recommend 4D’s college services.


Emily, Columbia University, High School Graduation Class of 2019


The services offered by 4D Learning Coach were incredibly helpful to me over the course of the college application process. I am enormously grateful for Dr. Yu’s advice and support, and it was a wonderful reassurance to know that he was there to answer any questions I had. Under Dr. Yu’s guidance I was accepted into my first choice college, Brown University, and am immensely looking forward to attending next fall. I am particularly appreciative for Dr. Yu’s help in preparing for my interview, and I felt that I was much more comfortable and relaxed after having the opportunity to work one-on-one with him.


Jake, Brown University, High School Graduation Class of 2018


I was a part of 4D for several years. I used the college consulting services provided by 4D, and they made a huge difference in my preparation for college. Dr. Yu has an intimate knowledge of the college selection process, with which he advises students on how to best maximize their time and and resources throughout high school. Unlike other sources I've used, the 4D college consulting service provides specific and detailed assessments of the actions one needs to take, and they have clear results.

Currently, I'm a freshman at Dartmouth College, and I plan (very tentatively) on majoring in Chemistry. I'm taking General Chemistry this term, and I've quickly realized that the only reason I'm doing well in the class is because Dr. Yu told me that I absolutely had to take AP Chemistry online when my school did not offer it. It can be difficult in high school to have a proper perspective of what's important to study and what is not worth spending valuable time on, and Dr. Yu helped me to achieve that balance.


Eitan, Dartmouth College, High School Graduation Class of 2017


The 4D Learning Coach was there for me at every step of the college admissions process; despite applying to multiple colleges, 4D allowed me to handle each of them with ease and confidence. Even though I was horribly busy with senior project, graduation, and a handful of AP classes at the time, my College Advisor from 4D Learning Coach was still able to work with my schedule and discuss my potential plans for the future. I am now wholly content as a student at Brown University's PLME program, and I am grateful to 4D for being such an integral part of my applications.


Zane, Brown University/PLME, High School Graduation Class of 2016


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